Have you ever seen a dog react like this to a vacuum cleaner? I'll admit that I don't vacuum as much as I really should. Some people might vacuum once or even more a week, but it's not nearly that often for me. So it's rare to see this happen...but when it does, it's pretty great. We were cleaning up my old apartment as we were getting ready to move out, and it was time to break out the vacuum cleaner, to clean the rug. My dog Sandy has the funniest reaction to the vacuum cleaner every time I bust it out. Watch the video below, as she attacks it like it's the worst enemy she's ever faced. My question is...WHY? What is it about the vacuum cleaner that makes her react like this? Does she actually see it as a threat, or is she just being playful? Does your dog have a similar reaction to a vacuum cleaner? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post!

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