A Nor'ester is wrecking havoc on Maine and New Hampshire today. Schools are closed, businesses are closing early, and we are hunkering down for a doozy. Weather reports are changing every hour; just how much snow are we actually getting? It's always been funny to me that the Weatherman is the only job you can have, and actually be wrong; and still have a job. They do their best, but here in New England, we use our gut. Been living here long enough that we are one with the snow. Or, you have those people that have been living here their entire life; and still panic at the word snow. Either way, we are made for this weather, and we will survive.

But, how cool would it be if snow storms would actually fast forward, and not take THAT long to pile up? Let's play pretend that they DO with these awesome timelapse videos of snow storms in Maine!