It's one of the great joys in life.  Listening to music lifts our moods, eases our anxieties, and in a concert setting, can create a euphoric feeling of happiness.

It's no wonder some people say "music is life".  It can bring you up or get you down.  But no matter what the feeling is, music moves people.

So, when I came across a survey revealing the most searched artists in each state, I was very curious to see who was the most popular for each New England state.

The study by Guitar Aficionado uses streaming information from Spotify, and searches from Google.

Comstock Images
Comstock Images

It should be no surprise that in all of America, the most popular, streamed, googled, and listened to artist is Taylor Swift.   Playing three nights recently at Gillette Stadium, there is no doubt she is larger than life, but also down to earth, not wavering in a downpour for three-and-a-half hours in Foxboro, Massachusetts, one of those concert nights.

Another popular artists, coming in second, is Rhianna.  The last artist to play the biggest football game in February proves she can hold her own.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Elvis Presley are tied for the third most popular, while Takeoff, BTS, Drake, and Harry Styles were next in line.  Country fans, don't worry. Our guy Morgan Wallen held his own, and is clearly the most popular country act by far.

If you are wondering who ranked #1 in each New England state, it was the same artist across the board.  Yup, Taylor Swift.  This makes the "enchanted" T-Swift fans even more powerful.

Hey, she owns a home in New England, so she feels the love, and we feel it back.

Congrats, Tay Tay.

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