It may be cliche, but Valentine's Day is still a popular day for proposals. Men and woman may put a lot of thought and effort into where to ask the love of their life the big question. Where did your significant other propose to you? Does the location even matter to you? Sometimes, it is more about the person, timing, or actual proposal than the place where it happens. Even so, we're putting together a list of the most romantic places in New England, based on your response to this article. Meanwhile, we found a list of the most romantic places to pop the question in the world, according to Tiqets via the NY Post.

Tiqets' research named the top five most romantic places in the world as follows:

(1) Central Park in New York.
(2) The Eiffel Tower.
(3) Niagara Falls.
(4) Venice in a gondola.
(5) The London Eye.

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