This conversation started when someone on Twitter posted a picture of a pizza he made with marshmallow Peeps on top. It may be the only time in history that Twitterverse was unified with one feeling… of disgust. Could there be anything more revolting than Peeps on pizza?

AJ and Nikki asked HOM listeners about the most unusual toppings they've seen on pizzas. Some of these sound delicious. Others? Not so much.

(1) Mac ‘n cheese.
(2) Lobster bisque.
(3) Spagetti.
(4) Chicken fingers and french fries.
(5) Corn beef, cabbage and dijon mustard at Otto.
(6) Sloppy Joes.
(7) Cheeseburger.
(8) Nutella and Fritos.
(9) Beans and hot dogs.
(10) Sliced pickles.
(11) Canadian bacon and pineapples.
(12) Mashed potatoes at Otto.

We also heard from several people on Facebook. How many of these toppings would you try?

What other strange toppings can you think of? Weigh in below or on Facebook.

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