Saturday was the kind of gorgeous day in Maine that we all needed. Sunshine and clear skies made it the perfect spring day. But it was those clear skies that ended up leaving many people in some of Maine's most rural towns asking a question, "what exactly did I see in the sky?"

Reddit via sexquipoop69
Reddit via sexquipoop69

Shared in a NSFW post on Reddit, an individual question what they witnessed in the sky over the weekend. It appeared to one lengthy bright light, or a set of individual lights being pulled along, almost as though they were on a string together. In a time when people are already on high alert, spotting something like that in the night sky can certainly instill some fear. So what was it?

Several commenters on the Reddit post had a theory that holds some water. What was spotted was one of Elon Musk's latest projects called "Starlink" that belongs to SpaceX. All of those individual lights are satellites with the idea that they will orbit the Earth and eventually being able to provide wireless internet service for the most rural areas across the country. Right now, the project is testing the positioning of the satellites and eventually, when their positions are settled, the satellites will dim, making them mostly invisible in the sky. Here's a more defined video of it from YouTube.

So no, it's not time to get the Men In Black on speed dial, but it is a fascinating sight to be seen. Be on the lookout over the next couple weeks and you may be able to spot them.

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