I'm not going to bury the headline or take you through an entire journey before saying this part -- I honestly have no idea what I saw, but I know it looked very out of the ordinary.

New Hampshire Sighting

I want to say it was sometime between 6:45p and 7p this past Thursday night (October 21) when all of this went down. I had just left a co-worker's going away party in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and was travelling down Interstate 95 head toward Route 101.

Driving on the south side of 95, I noticed a super bright star off to the right side of the sky. I'm not sure if it was the North Star or not -- I'd assume it was since it shone and appeared pretty much exactly the way I've always seen it depicted. But then something else caught me eye.

Across the sky, to the left of both the star and just the sky in general, was...something. I assumed it was a plane with its night lights on, but the pattern of the lights wasn't the usual blinking on-and-off pattern that I've always seen planes do at night for almost 4 decades of my life. This pattern started from the right side and lit up in different segments (which...kind of looked like windows, maybe?) all the way to the left.

Honestly, the best way I can describe it, is it was pretty similar to how the keys lit up in the Tom Hanks movie Big.

And not only did the weird light pattern stand out to me, but also the fact that it was hovering. It wasn't a plane flying slowly or circling, whatever I saw, was just hovering in the same spot the entire time I noticed it while driving on 95. Once I merged onto Route 101 at Exit 2 in Hampton, I lost sight of it for a second, thought I found it again, but then didn't find it again.

I'm not necessarily saying it was anything extraterrestrial. Honestly, my first thought was it could've been a satellite, but even satellites move in space, right? Plus, satellites are in space, and for it to be seen with the naked eye from earth, it'd have to be about as big and bright as the moon.

Betty and Barney Hill

There have, of course, been UFO sightings in New Hampshire before, the most infamous probably being the sighting reported back in September 1961 by Betty and Barney Hill in the White Mountains on their way home to Portsmouth. According to New Hampshire Magazine, they actually report being abducted by the aliens, not just seeing a UFO.

Four years later in September 1965, somewhere between Exeter and Portsmouth, Norman Muscarello reported seeing red lights blinking in sequence in the sky, which two other women that same night had also reported seeing, according to New Hampshire Magazine.

Again, I'm not saying that's what I saw -- I honestly have no clue what I saw. But did anyone else happen to see anything hovering in the New Hampshire sky between 6:45p and 7p last Thursday, October 21?

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