My dog Riley got into the trash -- more like a smorgasbord of flavors, and it didn't sit well with him.

He needed constant baths to combat the mess he'd become (not trying to be gross); and then, it seemed to all stop. Everything. He started to act different, so I called Edgewood Animal Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Dave Winsor

I spoke with Dr. Moncrieff and she told me that they'd "squeeze me in" and I arrived early and waited outside (hoping Riley's luck would change... It didn't) and they called us into a waiting room.

Dave Winsor

Dr. Milburn conducted the examination and determined that Riley wasn't "bound up" with any particular piece of trash, but did have a fever and some inflammation so he prescribed a couple of things, including a bland diet for a few days and we were off.

Saturday, Riley used the outdoor bathroom and I was so excited that I sent a picture of it to my wife. I'll spare you the image, but you can understand that it was a "moving" experience.

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