So, there I was. Cruising down a main drag in Derry on my way to meet my friends Geoff and Zsuzsi's brand new son that was born a couple of months ago. Not wanting to show up empty-handed, I popped by a store to snag some outfits and other, "Hey, welcome into the world, kiddo!" gifts for the little guy -- and that's when I saw it.


So, apologies if it's tough to make out what that says -- any time I ended up near this car at a red light and tried to snap a pic off before I had to start driving again, it was too late, so this was the best I could do. The plate reads, "NO-COP," and honestly, there's a lot to unpack here.

I tend to roll through my life a bit paranoid, so I kept my eyes locked on my speedometer to make sure I was all over the speed limit. Because, in my paranoid brain, that owner/driver was actually an officer was lying to us and trying to trick everyone out there to let our guards down so we could get nabbed. ESPECIALLY since that vehicle is a Ford Explorer, and that's of the models used for police cruisers.

But you could also interpret that plate a couple of other different ways, right? What if the driver/owner really ISN'T a cop, and doesn't want drivers around him/her to get all nervous that they're driving an unmarked cruiser and about to snag some speeders, when they're not? Maybe the driver is just doing their part to be a hero without a cape and say, "Hey, fellow driver, you keep driving however you feel comfortable, because I'm me and there's 'NO-COP' in here!"

There's also the slight chance, too, that the driver is making a plea to officers out there on the road, too. Perhaps it's a "NO-COP, please don't pull me over, because then I'll owe the state money and my insurance will probably go up and I can't handle that stress in my life right now" plea.

What do you think? How would you interpret this plate?

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