We've all seen the electronic signs either off to the side of a road warning us about construction, clocking our speed, or even telling us if we drink and drive, we lose. And of course, the ever-popular "click it or ticket."

There's even been times where funny messages are posted (and not because someone hacked into them, but because someone like the message creator(s) at the MaineDOT decide to just have some fun with us on the roads.)

And there are some times where the signs are just blank. But, then there are the mysterious times where all that's on the signs is a period. Just one singular, probably lonely, dot. What does THAT mean? Is it a traffic symbol? An error? Some type of code? Reddit user Intelligent-Ad-206 was recently driving down 95 from Maine to New Hampshire and saw a few electronic signs along the way with nothing but a period, and was curious what that meant.

And unlike a lot of Reddit threads that can have some super sarcastic commenters, this thread was full of helpful information. And the meaning of the period on an electronic road sign, according to Reddit users missmysty and awhol01 is simple -- it just means it's in working order but there is currently on message that needs to be displayed.

Sometimes, it's that straightforward and easy!

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