This is just great. On top of this horrible global pandemic, we now have a 10-story, 23-ton piece of rocket ship hurtling back and hitting Earth sometime this weekend. This could ruin my Mother's Day plans!  it seems a piece of China's Long March 5B rocket is tumbling out of control,, coming back in what officials are calling "an uncontrolled re-entry." Well, you can say that again. So, the natural question is, what are the chances the rocket will hit Maine? It's hard to pinpoint exactly where and when the rocket will fall. Now that the rocket has dropped into low-Earth orbit,  there are a ton of variables in the Earth's atmosphere that could speed up or slow down the rocket's descent. The way I figure it, if 3/5th of the planet is covered in water, then there's a 2/5th or 40% chance that it will hit land. And with my luck that means a 100% chance it will hit my house.

Forturtunaly, my knowledge of rocket science and mathematics don't add up. Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard University says there is a actually One In Several Billion chance that the falling rocket will hit ANYONE. Well, that dude just jinxed it.

You can track the falling rocket HERE. US Space Command is giving hourly updates. The thinking is right now that the rocket will hit earth sometime on Sunday or Monday.



We should be safe here in Maine. The bigger issue humanity needs to address is how we are going deal with all the junk in space? Some governments don't seem to concerned about it, but eventually, I would imagine SOMEONE is going to get hit.


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