Meet Nimbus! The new "summit cat" of Mount Washington. Cats have been living at the top of Mount Washington since the 1930s, keeping company with the officials and visitors who make the 6,288-foot journey. It can be lonely work for people who work at the Mount Washington Observatory, so having a pet around must be welcomed. Nimbus, a gray Shorthair, came from a rescue shelter in Oklahoma. Now, Nimbus will have to acclimate to the "worst weather in North America." However, we're fairly certain that Nimbus will be warm and cozy in the Mt Washington Observatory quarters.

Nimbus arrives after the passing of Marty, the kitty that lived at the Observatory for many years. This spring MWO Summit Operations Manager Rebecca Scholand began the search for a new cat. With the fine help of the Conway Area Humane Society, Nimbus was chosen.

“With the passing of Marty in late 2020, we started the search for a new cat knowing it would have big paws to fill,” Scholand said. “The summit cat is such a special part of our living environment on the summit, making it feel much more like a home on our week-long shifts.”

Nimbus, named after the Nimbus could, is a perfect name for this sweet kitty. Thanks to the fine work that the folks at the Mount Washington Observatory do, and thanks for adopting Nimbus!

Here's a great piece on the beloved Marty the Cat. Nimbus, you indeed do have big paws to fill!



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