A new retail marijuana shop hoping to open is being caught up in some snags that may prevent the 68 College Ave business, named "Marijuanaville" from opening unless an amendment to a Waterville ordinance takes place to allow the business to open at the location it has planned according to a report by centralmaine.com

The issue at hand is a "municipal safe zone" is in place around the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter on Colby Street which extends some 500 feet from the property line of the shelter and it prevents any business from opening that sells drugs, which even though legal, would still prevent the pot shop from opening at 68 College Ave. The owner has said he wasn't aware of the "safe zone" when he signed the lease on the property.

A meeting of the Waterville City Council will take place Tuesday 9/21/21 at The Elm at 21 College Ave at 7pm, you can also watch the LIVE feed from a link on the city's website.

The hope for the business owner of Marijuanaville is that the city will reduce the size of safe zone which would put the location in compliance with city laws, there will also be a vote on wether to license the business as well.

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