We don't often think about how powerful the electricity is surging through power lines through the State of Maine to keep all the things we need daily in our life running. That amount of power was displayed recently in a stunning video shared by the Maine State Police.

A high voltage transmission line in the Aroostook County town of Bridgewater malfunctioned somehow on the morning of August 2. It lit up the dark, rainy skies as electricity arced through the air and sparks rained down to the ground below. Those sparks started a fire in the grass as the buzzing and sizzling of the electrical arcs continued above. It's an amazing display of the power of electricity that you don't see very often.

It's hard the believe that all this caused minimal damage. The Bridgewater Fire department got the fire under control and repair crews got to work on the lines.

It made me think of Jim Wright, the lineman for CMP who was the star of those ads that reminded you that no line is safe to touch....evah."

The best comment on the Maine State Police Facebook pages on the video came from Kori Mayo: "The guy in the “NEVAH touch a down wire” commercial, didn’t warn us about this."


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