Ginger, a one and a half year old German Shepard, found herself alone...until Blu came home.

Carmine, who lives in Portland, had a 2020 just like the rest of us...icky. She lost three dogs in 2020, and so did Ginger. She would come in from outside and look for her buds all around the house. She really missed them. So she was super excited when Blu came home.

It's remarkable to watch the first time she meets Blu, a 9-week-old Australian Shepard. Watching these two will make you matter what kind of day you had.


This was over the weekend and since, big sis Ginger has been just as sweet. She's protective, and guiding and loving. Fuzz ball Blu has helped Ginger and everyone in the house in Portland.

I could watch these two all day. They are such a metaphor for humans. Most of us want to protect and love our family. But every once in a while, we need a high couch the little ones can't climb...just for a little peace and quiet.

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