This sends chills up and down my spine.

Yesterday afternoon (Jan 5) at the ice arena at Bowdoin College, the girls hockey game between Winslow/Gardiner and Brunswick, was about to get underway. The players were announced and everyone was asked to stand and honor our country with the playing of the National Anthem.

At this point, the anthem started, and then stopped, and then... dead silence. It seemed that the sound system had gone down. It took just a few seconds and the girls from both teams turned the situation around with true patriotic teamwork.

The players started singing, very quietly at first, and then they picked up the volume, and finished the anthem to the delight of all the fans.

Parent Laurel Chadwick shared the video with us and echoed others in attendance saying, "it was very impressive to hear... the young ladies (who) did a great job stepping up!"

They certainly make us all proud!

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