It looks like students will be back in the classroom at the University of New Hampshire this fall semester.

According to a press release from UNH, the school plans to fully open back up with "face-to-face classes in a residential learning environment and in-person campus activities, internships, field work and clinicals."

Like many other universities, UNH has had to deal with coming up with the best plan for its students all while monitoring the coronavirus trends in the state.

It certainly feels like a corner has been turned as more vaccinations are rolled out in New Hampshire. In fact, on Monday, March 22, those age 50 and older can start signing up to get a vaccine as part of Phase 2B, according to WMUR

Governor Chris Sununu even said that with the way things have been progressing and more and more people are getting vaccinations, the ability to open up sign-ups to everyone could be just weeks away, the news station reported.

But that doesn't mean New Hampshire or the country is out of the woods yet.

UNH stated that it doesn't expect COVID-19 to be gone by the time the fall semester arrives. That means that there will still be some precautions in place "including testing and any decreased density or face coverings as recommended by CDC and state public health officials," per the university.

The school does encourage the students, faculty and staff to get a vaccine if you are able to do so.

At the same time, the university said that it hopes to use everything its learned in the past year to "create a new model for higher education." That includes offering more online opportunities, especially for international students, those studying abroad and graduate programs.

Time will tell if things have to change, but for now, UNH is prepared to fully open.

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