There's no denying it at all -- when you're in the Boston area (whether it's Medford, Revere Beach, Saugus, Danvers, or Boston itself), there's ONE place that's always a must-go -- Kelly's Roast Beef. In fact, when we're not in a pandemic and you're out and about in the Boston area (more specifically, around the Revere Beach location), the thing to do to wrap up your night is to grab a beef from Kelly's on the beach.

And according to the Union Leader, Kelly's is looking to expand and become the go-to roast beef spot in a couple different locations in New Hampshire (and Rhode Island and more Massachusetts spots, too). While the EXACT spots aren't known, the owner of Kelly's told the Union Leader that they're nearing completion on deals to open in Concord and Salem, hopefully by the end of the year.

And while, as mentioned, there's no hint on where in either of those towns Kelly's would pop up, a betting person would think the Kelly's in Salem would HAVE to go on Rt 28, right? It's more or less THE main road in the town. Regardless, they're so popular that a search on YouTube brings up videos of a rap about Kelly's, ASMR videos of eating a Kelly's roast beef sandwich (that's...interesting?), and of course, their feature on the Phantom Gourmet back in the day.

Kelly's also offers more than just roast beef sandwiches, too, sporting a pretty killer cheeseburger and some good seafood like lobster rolls, fried clams, and fish sandwiches.

And while Kelly's opening up in the state would bring about some competition for other seafood or meat shops (Bobby Marcotte of Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, and hop + grind and rise + grind, both in Durham, has pretty much already said "bring it on"), the new locations popping up would also open up employment opportunities -- about 60 spots at each location, according to the Union Leader.

One question though, Kelly's. What do you have against Maine? You're going up to NH and down to RI, WHY NOT MAINE?!

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