I've heard a lot of "sayings" throughout the months since the pandemic hit -- mainly "you find out what kind of company you work for based on how they treat you during these times." Which makes sense that'd be the one heard most since there are A LOT of people going through job and career changes based on COVID. But one thing I feel like has somehow slipped under the radar?

Our selflessness.

Say what you want -- New England has some of the most selfLESS people in the country, maybe even the world. From the article I posted a couple of weeks ago about a New Hampshire woman buying groceries for a half-dozen random strangers (even though she's not exactly rolling in the dough herself), to New Hampshire firefighters putting on a raffle to get kids in need brand new coats, to even my buddy Dan Morse who pledged to run (and surpassed his goal of) 100 miles in the month of November to raise money for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital -- we do A LOT for each other in New England.

The best part? It's all people that could probably use a boost themselves -- like two teachers out of Portland, who are the latest selfless New Englanders doing something outside-the-norm to get supplies for their students while also motivating them.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Joy Goddard and Kristen Fox are two teachers at Reiche Community School who have decided to take part in a Polar Plunge at the end of January. Called the "Jump For Courage" polar plunge, Joy and Kristen are participating in order to raise money to buy each student at Reiche Community School a book that's all about perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

And THAT'S what I'm talking about -- when you think about it, who (other than maybe nurses and other front line workers) deserve more love than teachers? People can make millions of dollars playing a sport professionally, but you constantly hear stories of teachers making PEANUTS, and they actually mold and shape the future of the world. Not just the city. Not just the state. Not just the country. Not just the continent. THE WORLD.

So good on Joy and Kristen for putting sanity aside (seriously, no offense, but who in their right mind jumps in a New England ocean during winter -- unless you're doing it for a good cause, which they are) to raise money to help get their students a book that's basically about facing your fears, and good on anyone else in New England putting other people first.

We live in the best area in the world, let alone just the country (except for winters -- snow can go take a long walk off a short bridge). Sometimes, I think we just need to be reminded.

By the way, even though Joy and Kristen practiced for their polar plunge last weekend by jumping into Casco Bay at Willard Beach, the real deal "Jump For Courage" Polar Plunge is happening on January 30, 2021. Go get 'em, teachers!

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