You don't need me to tell you that the world has been 100% upside down. But whoever needs to hear this right now -- there ARE amazing human beings out there that are willing to help you, even if you don't know them.

One of them may be named Brandy Bisson.

Brandy lives in Concord and, according to WMUR, after her community banded together to throw her 7-year-old son a birthday parade and sent him presents and cards in the mail (meanwhile, the kiddo thought he was about to have the worst birthday ever because of the pandemic, but ended up calling it "epic"), she wanted to pay it forward.

So, she channeled her inner Oprah Winfrey but instead of, "You get a car! You get a car! And YOU get a car!" it was more, "You get groceries! And you get groceries!" Brandy showed up to a local grocery store and paid for one stranger's groceries out of the goodness of her heart.

Then another's.

And another's.

Eight people later, Brandy had spent over $600 on strangers' groceries, just to try and do her part to help spread cheer, kindness, and inspire good. And the best part? By no means is she bleeding green -- she has the same money struggles that everyone else does, but sometimes in life, you just need to try and do some good and help.

And let's be real -- in a time where people are STILL exhausted from the election (since the results have been on-going drama), we're DONE hearing about COVID and pandemic (but have to since numbers keep going higher and higher), we need people like Brandy a bit extra. And we need to spread the word about people like Brandy, too.

We need to stop burying the GOOD headlines. Not just right now, but every day. When people forget about the election and COVID is long gone -- we need to forever stop burying the GOOD that is done. Because all you ever hear about is the bad. It's draining. Let's do good. Let's be good. Let's spread good. Let's #BeLikeBrandy (and the countless others that do things like this that don't get notoriety.)

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