Last week, I posted an article basically outlining how dogs are way better than humans and we don't deserve them. I guess I have to change that up a little bit, because there ARE people that do especially deserve them -- our local veterans.

And thanks to a federal grant, local New Hampshire veterans who have been struggling with mental health challenges because of the pandemic are going to be paired up with some puppers!

According to a story from WMUR, an organization in Exeter that trains and pairs support or comfort dogs with people suffering from post-traumatic stress or other challenges, called Hero Pups, just received money from the Federal CARES act to not only make up for some of their own losses, but also pair additional dogs up with local heroes who need them. The best part? Hero Pups were helped out by another local New Hampshire non-profit -- Swim With A Mission.

Swim With A Mission is going to be giving a total of $260,000 to Hero Pups, and Phil Taub from Swim With A Mission told WMUR that as long as there are "veterans that are struggling with any of these mental health issues, we're going to keep raising money."

On top of that, Laura Baker, who founded Hero Pups, told WMUR that "nobody here gets a paycheck. ...a grant like this goes directly to the care of the dogs and being able to provide the veterans the training necessary to work with their dogs."

Are you kidding me? THIS IS REAL LIFE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE -- THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! The fact that one local nonprofit is helping another out and giving them their grant money to not only help keep them afloat, but ALSO turn around and help more veterans...

Man, with everything going on in the world right now, 95% of it which feels like absolute garbage, it's tough to remember, no matter how positive you try and keep your outlook, that the 5% of awesome that still REALLY awesome.

SO PROUD to be from this area where, even though none of us are perfect, we bust our humps to try and help our fellow neighbors, friends, and families. This is AMAZING!

Also, CLICK HERE if you're interested in donating to Swim With A Mission, or CLICK HERE if you're interested in donating to Hero Pups! Both of them clearly deserve it!

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