When Lindsay and Alex planned their wedding, there was no pandemic... and then the border between Canda and the US was closed.

So, they figured out something completely legal and awesome!

Nicole Reid Photography
Nicole Reid Photography

When Canada closed its border to the United States because of the number of COVID cases, Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie in New Brunswick, Canada, had to think of another way to get Lindsay's relatives in Maine to come.

So they used the St. Croix River.

They got married on the St. Stephen Wharf which is almost directly across from the Calais Waterfront Boat landing in Calais, Maine - USA. The rules say that you can be in the water as long as you don't come on land.

So that's what they did. Family, including her grandparents, got in a boat and rowed to the wharf. Photographer Ray Simpson used a drone to capture both families.

It was a perfect day for a wedding and the guests from Maine were so excited, that the officiant at one point had to tell them to settle down. They were just so excited to be involved...even if they were in a boat in a river just beyond the border.

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