Route 202 in Little Falls is going to be closed for 90 days.

In this video, I mention the bridge will close July 1st, but it's actually the 10th. You might want to start your "new" driving route earlier than the closure.

Here's what it looks like in the daylight:

Google Maps

This is Route 202. It's a vital artery into downtown Gorham and it's gonna be closed from July through the beginning of October for bridge replacement.

Google Maps

That is the Little River below the bridge. It's a great fishing spot in town, but that's going to be inaccessible while the bridge is being rebuilt.

According to a story in KeepMeCurrent, the 60' bridge will nearly double in length and be widened. If you normally drive this route, you'll need to either take 237 to Rte 25 OR drive 114 into downtown Gorham.

One thing to watch for will be the 18 wheelers approaching the Little Falls roundabout from 237, and trying to get back on Rte 202. That should be interesting, considering the turn they'll need to make.