I have been on an online "buying binge" recently, searching for interesting items for my new home and I started gto morph into Alice and fell down a hell of a rabbit hole. I'd like to call this hole, "Craigslist's World of Peculiar Things That People Want to Sell Because They Are Ridiculously Peculiar and Probably Haunted."

Suffice it to say, I couldn't look away. The more I scrolled, the more I clicked. And the more I clicked, the closer my face got to the screen to figure out what the heck was going on. My eyes were burning with oddities and I had so many questions.

Where did these come from? Who made them? Why do they exist?

Ladies and Gentle-dudes, the possessions I found on Craigslist, I would have to say they are the weirdest things for sale that I have ever seen.

As I was searching in the "antique" section, these are the things I found and if you are a collector of the peculiar and strange oddities, then this is the perfect list for you.

The things we collect throughout our lives all tell a story of who we are and boy are we singular in our own way. So I wanted to pull together the most eccentric and unusual items for sale on Craigslist because as you can tell, it blew my mind.

Let us begin with the most odd object I found.



This is a mummified rat. I have nothing else to say, except, why. Just why.

Moving on.


Thimble via Craigslist
Thimble via Craigslist

This little guy is described as a, "vintage thimble" and I don't get it. All it says in the description is,

Vintage ceramic thimble, decorated to look like a human head. 1 1/2 tall and 1 1/2 wide.
Where is the history? Who is this guy? I have so many questions about his beard and hat. Don't you? 
Those are a couple of the weird items I found for sale, but wait, there's more! 
Check out the full photo gallery below and if you can tell me what one of these treasures are, please let me know! 

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