Dear Dog Dragger,

Honestly, a name I never thought I'd have to call someone. But after what I witnessed from you, that's literally the only appropriate thing I could've brought myself to call you, since a slew of other titles that would've easily gotten me fired came to mind first.

I'm absolutely disgusted by your actions, and I can honestly only hope for that poor dog's sake, that you aren't his or her actual owner, that you're just one of those horrific, nightmare dog walker/dog sitters people read about online. Because while it doesn't make how that poor pup was treated any better, it at least can set my mind, heart, and soul at ease that he's not treated like the piece of garbage I watched you treat him like, every single day of his poor puppy life.

Still curious if this is you or not? Let me narrow it down for you. This all happened on Court Street in Dover, not too far from the East Watson Street turn off. You were walking on the same side of the road as I was driving, with your back to me. I was the truck that started driving on the opposite side of the road as I approached you, because apparently I was more worried about your dog's welfare than you clearly were.

I'm assuming you either heard or possibly saw me coming at one point since you turned to the side, because at first, I thought you were quickly motioning your dog to get further from the road and more onto the grassy area you were walking next to. That, I would've understood, because I've done that same thing with my own dog. And had that been all you did, I wouldn't have debated with myself all week whether to address you and your horrible treatment of that dog or not, and wouldn't be writing this right now.

No, after you acted like a caring, loving human toward your dog for approximately .00327 seconds, you proceeded to power walk in front of your dog, not even looking to see where he was, and clearly not even caring, because you were literally dragging him behind you. Which I thought was gross enough.

But what almost caused me to pull over and lose my mind was watching you then slightly turn to him when you were kind enough (note the sarcasm) to let him catch up to you, and being your power walk ahead of him again, this time lifting your arms higher and turning around to berate him. What followed was your arms being held so high and the leash having such short slack that your dog ended up standing on his hind legs trying to keep up with you.

Then I saw it. The part that made me the most furious. You continued power walking while continuing to shorten the leash and raise your arms, and you caused your upright dog's hind legs to come off the ground.

How would you like it? How would you like it if some giant leashed you up and started power walking in front of you in such a position that your feet came off the ground and you were being dangled around the neck by a collar and a leash?

Real classy move. Do that dog a favor and give him up to a family that can actually show him what love is. I don't understand how you even think once, let alone twice, let alone act on treating a dog like such menacing trash. A DOG. Literally a living being that legitimately just wants to be loved and that is quite clearly way better than humans, as you so easily reminded all of us of.

If I ever see that again, rest assured, Dog Dragger -- your dog will become my dog, and he or she will be all the better for it.

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