Yard sale season is going on in Maine. You are bound to see a yard sale just about every weekend from now until September. But what makes a yard sale successful? I found an article in zillow.com called '10 Tips for Organizing an Irresistible Yard Sale'. So, if you are planning a yard sale this summer, maybe these tips can make your yard sale a success!

1. The bigger the better. People are more likely to stop if there is lots of merchandise.
2. Present a wide variety of items. Clothes and kids items are nice, but more people will stop if you have a variety of items.
3. Use tables and tablecloths to display your more expensive items.
4. Individually price each item. Clearly priced items help create a starting point on 'dickering'.
5. Choose a good date for your sale. Avoid holidays.
6. Clear Signage is very important. Make your signs big and bold and brief.
7. Wear an apron. It will make you look in charge and people will approach you to negotiate.
8. Stock that cash box. Before your yard sale, make sure you have plenty of bills and coins for change.
9. Provide boxes and bags. Having boxes and plastic bags makes it easier and more likely for people to buy your items.
10. Prepare for after the sale. Most yard sales are designed to make room in your home. Plan out donating items to a charity after your sale is over.

I also found a website that lists yard sales going on in your area. You might want to add your yard sale there.