Renting a motorized Tiki Hut with friends is one of those things I've been wanting to cross off my bucket list since I moved to New Hampshire.

This very unique experience is available in Laconia. These floating bars go about 5 mph and it's BYOB so you never have to worry if your drink of choice will be available on board.

Tiki Hut Boats of NH took to Facebook to announce that they will be hiring six more captains this Summer. If you know anyone looking for fun, part time work in the Lakes Region, send them their way!

The company also announced they have some exciting entertainment on deck (pun intended) for 2021. They will be hosting comedy nights featuring comedians from Boston. They also will be hosting singalong nights with a local musician!

They will keep us posted on details but the people are getting excited!

The post got nearly 400 likes and people are tagging their comedy loving or likely to sing-a-long friends in the comments.

I love the enthusiasm around Summer 2021. Since the Tiki Hut Boats of NH are planning to hire more captains, it seems like they are anticipating a busy season. That's awesome!

I hope that all of the local businesses who felt/are feeling negative effects from the pandemic make up for it this year. With a vaccine being rolled out slowly but surely, I think (and hope) the worst is behind us. May we all be sipping on cocktails on a Tiki Hut this Summer while we sing at the top of our lungs.

We might be off key, but we will be so happy to be out of the house we won't even care.

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