In the early 1800's, there was no such thing as psychiatrists, or psychologists. There was no awareness at all of mental health. Over the years, people considered 'insane' were locked away by their families in dark, cold, disgusting jail cells in the local jail. Others just roamed about, as homeless people. By 1838, the State of New Hampshire decided in Concord to build a facility to help, learn from, and support the insane. In 1842, the New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane was built. The treatments for patients at this time more than likely were 'experimental'. Most patients were brought there and forgotten by the outside word. Some few were even buried in a secret cemetery just yards away from the hospital. You can on imagine the horror that the walls of this hospital has seen, and, what still remains.

In 1901, the hospital changed it's name to New Hampshire State Hospital, and continued to promote a therapeutic environment for patients. Over the decades, there have been more buildings built on the campus. With time comes progress in mental medicine, and there are still patients getting care in the newer buildings. Some were also converted to offices for state workers. The original buildings are all still standing, some abandoned. Some workers say they have experienced some haunting moments in these builds. People have claimed that they have heard footsteps, elevators that start on their own, paperwork and files that have been pushed off tables. Even cold spots and an undeniable feeling of not being alone when you're certain no one else is around have been reported.

Do you believe in ghosts? Take a tour now of the New Hampshire State Hospital if you dare!!

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