Humans aren't the only creatures that love ice cream in the Summertime! Our four-legged friends do a whole lot of sweating in the Summer heat so they deserve a sweet treat too!

Scooping ice cream is a summer job I have never had, but I always pictured it being a joyful gig. I mean, who is in a bad mood when they are going out for ice cream?

Ice cream shop employee: Hi there! What can I get for you?

Customer: Yeah, I guess I'll have a small cake batter in a cup with rainbow sprinkles

Ice cream shop employee: Sure! Anything else today? 

Customer (annoyed): Yeah, I want gummy bears on that too. 

Getting ice cream is a happy activity! Hopefully, the above scenario has never happened in the history of ice cream shops.

We have lots of great places to ice cream here on the seacoast. One of my favorites is very close to the radio station so that makes me love it even more: Cowlicks Dairy Bar!

At Cowlicks, they believe in equal opportunity ice cream for both dogs and humans. Check out this employee serving up pure joy in the form of doggie sundaes!

They might be even happier to eat ice cream than any human I know. Treat your pup to some ice cream today. They will thank you for it. But keep in mind that the pavement gets hot on their little paws in this crazy heat!

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