The Skowhegan Police Department is determined to make everyone feel safer again this year with Operation Safe Delivery.

What does this mean? Well, according to a Facebook post from the police department, the residents of Skowhegan will not have to fear their deliveries this holiday season being stolen directly off of their porches by the sticky-fingered Grinches.

This operation consists of citizens having their packages delivered to the Skowhegan Police Department to deter any criminal activity on their own properties. It's a safe place for their gifts, packages, and parcels to stay to ensure their safety.

Residents can then come after the package is delivered to pick it up.

The Skowhegan Police believes that holding packages during the holiday season will help residents feel more secure and I could not agree more.

This may be something many other cities and towns should start doing.

The Facebook post lists the pick up times as 8 am-4 pm Monday through Friday at the Skowhegan Police Department at at 225 Water Street.

That is what these beloved holidays are all about.
Dave Bucknam, the police chief, told WABI:

Well, like a lot of law enforcement agencies across the nation, our priority is community policing. It’s all about our community. What can we do to take care of our community. And then this is just another way that we can put our hands out there and say, ‘hey, let us help you. Here’s our address. Come on down and do this.

For more information, visit the Skowhegan Police Department on Facebook.  

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