It has a ZIPLINE and ropes course in the backyard!

Maybe you have visited Monkey Trunks at 1853 Chocorua Mountain Highway in Tamworth, NH, back before its closing in 2019, states.

Well, it's THAT property that's for sale!  How cool would that be to have an adventure obstacle course in your own backyard! Hagan Roche Realty Group Hagan Roche Realty Group

If you're not into the obstacle course, the seller of the property will take down for you, according to the listing, but c'mon.... It's a ZIPLINE. Why wouldn't you just keep it, no matter who you are. FUN.

The house DOES need a lot of work, though, so maybe that's why the price is right at $395,000.00, according to

Not bad for a HUGE house on a ton of acreage! Hagan Roche Realty Group Hagan Roche Realty Group


A draw back from me with this house, however, is how far it would be from the Seacoast. I love being near the Atlantic. Tamworth, however, is in the Lakes Region, so if you're in to lakes, maybe it's for you.

I'm tellin' ya, the house is a STEAL.  Ripe for someone to come in and FLIP!

You can get more info from Roche Realty Group and more specifically at the listing right here on their website.

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