After my Husky Caesar passed away last May, I debated on whether to get another pet or not. About a month and a half later, I finally decided it would be in my best interest to adopt, so I started looking both online and in local shelters. I wanted a smaller dog, under 20 pounds, that was suitable for apartment living. I had a house with a nice backyard when I first got Caesar, so having a big Husky was not an issue, especially when he was younger.

Every single pup that I inquired about was adopted within a few days, if not immediately. I even went to a local pet shelter four times with no luck. There were big dogs to be had, but I learned my lesson with Caesar. Towards the end of his life when his back legs stopped working, I had to carry all 50 pounds of him up and down stairs, and that was extremely difficult for me. There were several occasions when I almost lost my footing. Besides, I'm not getting any younger. I have to think about how much older I'll be, as my fur-baby ages.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog: It turns out that Maine is the number 1 most pet-friendly state in America. Maine provides the "most enriching and safest environment for animals," according to the SafeWise Report.

Here's what SafeWise had to say about Maine:

Vacationland is nothing but a vacation for the pets that live here. We’re happy to see that Maine has no breed restrictions and 76 dog-friendly beaches, hiking trails and dog parks — and nearly 1,000 pet-friendly hotels.

It's good to know I live in a state that loves its animals... so much so, there are hardly any small and medium-sized dogs available for adoption in the Greater Portland pet shelters (in my experience). As for my quest to find a pup, I've given up... for now.

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