According to, hippies have been calling Keene, New Hampshire home for decades. These hippies are either part of the student body at Keene State or they were drawn to Keene because of its quintessential New England Charm.

Where does the hippie part come in, you ask? Well, stereotypically speaking, Keene has all of the hippie spots for hippies to engage in hippie activities. Such as:

A yoga class at Keene Yoga Center:

Stopping for a coffee (Fair Trade of course) at Brewbaker's Cafe:

Pick up some self proclaimed "Smelly Hippie Apothecary Products" at Route 101 Local Goods.:

Swinging by the Urban Exchange thrift store for a unique piece that is coming back into style. And if it isn't, hippies are trendsetters and will make it happen.:

Perousing the farmer's market (weather permitting):

These are a few of the hippiest things. I challenge you to find a town that is more hippier in New Hampshire than Keene! And by the way, there is nothing wrong with being a hippie. They treat their bodies as well as the people around them, and that's pretty rad.

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