Happy Gilmore 2

Recently, the rumors of an Adam Sandler movie beloved by so many getting a sequel over 20 years after the original have been confirmed, with an article in People confirming that Happy Gilmore 2 is on the way.

On top of that, there's rumors that of all people, pro golfer Tiger Woods will make his return to the silver screen, playing the character of Chubbs Jr. in the movie.

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Getty Images

You love to see a human that becomes an A-list superstar not only stay humble but also never forget where they came from and always visit their hometown.

And that's what's amazing about Adam Sandler, because for as successful as he is, not only does he frequently come back home and visit New Hampshire, but he does it very low-key and also acts like just another everyday Granite Stater.

What's even more amazing, is you never really hear or see anything negative about The Sand Man -- he'll always say hello and he'll always stop and take a picture, like he did while out and about in his hometown of Manchester back in September 2023.

Dan William
Dan William

Adam Sandler Spotted at Mall of New Hampshire

Social media in New England was flooded with multiple selfies with Adam Sandler being posted while he was spotted walking around the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester during a visit home last year, but few also came with an amazing story like the one shared by Dan William.

While Adam is known for his comedy, stint on Saturday Night Live, and various movie roles, his most popular is arguably that of wannabe pro hockey player-turned-professional golfer, Happy Gilmore.

Which makes Dan William's story of running to Adam at the mall even more ironic, as Dan himself was at the mall buying golf balls. According to Dan, realizing the irony, he took the opportunity to make a Happy Gilmore joke to Adam while they were taking their selfie.

And while Dan hasn't shared what exactly his joke to Adam was, he did share Adam's response (which was lighthearted and all in good fun.)

...he told me to go ease my tension on someone else.

It's clear that no matter how much time passes and how successful he gets, Adam will never forget where he came from.

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