The sign game is a tough one these days. Every business, community center and church has got one, so how do you make yours stand out? You could make it bright and flashy; you could make it taller or larger than the rest; OR you could throw up a message on your sign that makes people do a double or triple take -- Hello Corinth Baptist Church… Welcome to the party.

Reddit via robotdick
Reddit via robotdick

Shared on Reddit by robotdick, here's another instance of a church placing a sign in plain view for the public and most of us responding with, "wait, what?". It would be disingenuous to believe this sign was put up with the intention of a double-meaning, but given the world we live, most people are going to take it that way.

So there it is, a sign that certainly will not cleanse your dirty mind, but perhaps it inspires you to get on your knees. Well played Corinth Baptist Church, well played.

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