While the image of a newborn baby is what comes to mind when one thinks about an adoption, there are many older adoptable children in Maine who are waiting for their forever home. Some are in foster homes, and others in group homes, and the stress of growing older without a stable foundation can have a catastrophic effect on these children's development.

Learn more below about the children in Maine who are waiting for a life-changing meeting -- with you or someone you know.

Click the child's name for who to contact to get more updated information on each individual child. [UPDATED: Aug. 2, 2016]

  • Lilyan, Nicolas

    12 and 9 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.org: Nicolas just turned 9 years old in March 2016 and his sister, Lilyan turned 12 years old in May 2016. It is highly important for them to remain together.

    Nicolas is a sponge for knowledge. He loves to have adults look things up for him; how far away is the moon; how old is the oldest living person; how does a volcano erupt, etc. He loves to be outdoors looking for worms, playing in the mud, riding his bike, etc. He also loves building things, and really enjoys arts and crafts; he wants to be an art teacher, when he grows up.

    Lily is a charming young lady with a great sense of humor and a love for life and pets. Her wish is to have a dog of her own someday.

    She loves to be outdoors and active, but equally enjoys snugging in a pair of sweatpants, curling up on a couch, and reading. She loves to sing; she wants to be a singer, when she grows up. She loves to bike ride, do arts and crafts, go to the beach, or parks. She likes school and is well liked by her peers. She will sit for hours and build puzzles, play board games or cards, and share in conversation.

    Lilyan and Nicolas
  • Demetrious

    14 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.orgDemetrious is a handsome young man with a nice sense of humor. He enjoys being outside, playing and watching sports, watching TV (his favorite shows are The Flash and Green Arrow), playing video games and board games.

    Demetrious is adventurous and is open to having new experiences and is hoping that he will be able to play football when he gets settled in his new home. He likes animals and is hoping that his new family has pets. This school year he helped to raise money for a local animal shelter. He also received the "most improved student" award at his school. He is compassionate and is fun to be with. Demetrious is very much looking forward to being a part of a family.

  • Joshua

    14 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.orgJoshua, is a handsome young man with warm brown eyes and a friendly smile.

    Joshua is currently in the 6th grade and enjoys school very much.

    Josh enjoys playing outside; he enjoys playing basketball in the yard, swimming and going to the beach to name a few favorites. Joshua is very interested in farm life and particularly enjoys the animals and machinery. He enjoys playing with his classmates. He also very much enjoys the attention of adults. He has a good sense of humor and an upbeat personality.

  • Kasandra

    16 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.orgMeet Kasandra, age 16. She is an adorable young lady, with a great smile. She enjoys praise and affection. She is a caring, kind young teen who has a lot of empathy for other people. Kasandra likes to please others by volunteering to help out. Kasandra is very affectionate and likes to be close to her caregiver by reading on the couch, getting her hair done, swimming and getting and receiving hugs.

    Kasandra’s enjoys being “hands-on,” and her favorite subjects are Art and Gym.

    Kasandra engages well with adults that she sees as nurturing and comforting. She would do best in a home with only one other child and with a family able to provide structure and consistency.

    Kasandra enjoys being active including taking walks, swimming, horseback riding lessons and going to the mall. Kasandra is creative and enjoys arts & crafts, cooking, singing and getting her nails done! Kasandra also likes down time as well including reading books, watching cartoons, and movies, making puzzles and playing board games. She loves Sponge Bob and Dora. Kasandra enjoys music and loves listening to the band, One Direction. Her favorite color is pink and she recently learned she likes driving a go-kart! Kasandra loves animals too!

  • Jacob

    15 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.orgJacob is an energetic 14-year-old boy. He is a loving child with a magnetic personality. He has brown hair and eyes and wears glasses. Jacob loves bugs, and collecting things. He likes to go swimming and play outside. He loves adult interactions and is a great conversationalist. He enjoys music, reading and watching movies.

    Jacob is an active child and likes to be busy. He would do well with active parents that are able to channel his energy into positive and creative outlets. He does get bored easily but his attention span is increasing, especially if he helps create a list of things he can do. Jacob does need a family to be able to give him lots of time and attention and so he would do well with a family without other children his age or younger. He would do well with older children.

    Jacob states that he would love a mom and dad who will spend lots of time with him. He enjoys adult company and has done well when his housemates are older than him.

  • Adyn

    8 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.orgAdyn was born in August of 2007 and is a very intelligent, affectionate, energetic, and polite young man. Adyn likes to listen to music, go sliding, play outside and swim. He would like to learn how to snowboard and has tried to make one for himself. He also likes to cook and make cookies. He also enjoys playing board games and computer games, although he sometimes gets frustrated with the board games. Adyn also likes to cuddle and have books read to him.

    Adyn is a very independent person and able to play alone very well. He is a good person and can be very helpful when it is something he wants to do.

  • Zachary

    9 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.org: Zachary “Zach” was born in January of 2007 and is a very engaging young man who is full of energy and love. Zach is also a very bright young man. He has a great sense of humor and is very engaging.

    Zach loves to play Legos, super heroes, and make believe. He also likes to dance, participate in gymnastics, singing, and acting. Zach also loves to be outside and enjoys the playground, especially the swings and climbing. Zach loves to ride in the boat and on the motorcycle.

    Zach also loves books and enjoys being read to at night. He also enjoys I spy books and has a great eye for finding things. Zach is also very into computer and video games.

    Zach is really strong and likes to help out with yard work. Many times he enjoys the competition of seeing if he can get more work done than you.

  • Daryn

    12 years old

    Daryn, 12 years old, is a very energetic child who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He has many interests such as swimming, fishing, 4-wheeling, camping, and participating in extracurricular activities such as soccer or basketball. Daryn enjoys his independence. He loves video games and learning about history such as the presidents.

    Daryn thrives in a family setting and has been exposed to many family gatherings. He would like to remain connected with his current foster family, as they are like grandparents to them. Daryn would benefit from a loving home that could provide structure and positive attention, and where the family has a lot of patience.

  • Michael

    8 years old

    Michael is an 8-year-old boy looking to find his forever family. Michael enjoys basketball, playing with his Game boy, various games and sports, super heroes, and he has previously participated in gymnastics. Michael is a people pleaser and tries to gain acceptance from the adults in his life. Michael needs a family that is willing to be patient with him as he learns to trust them. He does not have a clear understanding of what adoption means and because of this would need a family that is willing to commit to him and provide consistency and structure in his daily life.

  • Kalob

    6 years old

    Kalob is a 6-year-old boy looking to find his forever family. Kalob enjoys playing with his game boy, gym class, outdoor play and games, super heroes, cars/racing. He excels in reading and loves to sit down and read a book with his current foster family. Kalob is very intelligent and excels in his academics at school. Kalob can be very affectionate and will bond well with the right person. Kalob needs a family that is willing to be patient with him as he learns to trust them. He does not have a clear understanding of what adoption means and because of this would need a family that is willing to commit to him and provide consistency and structure in his daily life.

  • Riley

    14 years old

    From AdoptUsKids.org: Riley was born in November 2001. He is a handsome young man with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes with a great big smile. Riley can be polite and appreciative. He is also funny and has a good sense of humor.
    Riley is very athletic and likes sport. He loves to play basketball, skating, and biking. He loves to go to the lake or brook and skip rocks. He loves to fish. He would like to be with someone who would like doing these activities with him. Riley likes being outdoors and animals, especially dogs. He currently lives on a farm with sheep, duck, chickens and pigs. Riley doesn’t like chores but is willing to help out.
    Riley is in junior high. He is a bright and creative child.

    Riley is one of five siblings, 2 are adults and two siblings have been adopted. Riley’s brothers and sisters are very important to him and he would like to remain in contact/near them.
    Riley’s father is deceased and his grandfather helps to remind him of his dad so he would like to keep seeing him. Riley says he already had a dad but it would be nice to have someone who can do things with him and teach him stuff.

    Riley would flourish in a family who will put his needs above all else and in whom he can trust. Riley will thrive in a family with lots of patience, supervision, consistency and nurturing.