It's rare to get good news on the evening news, right? We absolutely love to learn about something heartwarming for a change. Especially when the story comes from Maine. 

At the popular Red Barn Restaurant in Augusta, the breaded chicken yummies and seafood are a major attraction, so is the unconditional love everyone receives from owner, Laura Benedict. Last night, "The NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt" brought the story of her miraculous work to the nation. The NBC News crew visited last month during a fundraiser for Honor Flight Maine, allowing veterans to visit national monuments in Washington, DC for free. This was just one of thousands of charity events Laura and the Red Barn have hosted over the years bringing the tally of donations for needy neighbors over $1 million and counting! I'm proud to say that I attended Cony High School with Laura in the 80's and I remember a smiling super-friendly face that continues to light the world today. Way to give back, Laura!




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