Do your pets have clever names? We asked our listeners this question and couldn't believe how many people responded with the most insane names -- 92 comments the last time we checked. It was difficult to choose only eleven names from the list.

(1) HOFF a.k.a. "Hell On Four Feet" lives up to his name.

(2) Tachum is a music lover.

(3) We like ButterButt, and we cannot lie.

(4) Ragnar The Viking is formidable.

(5) Crimson and Clover... over and over...

(6) Cloud and Sunshine are always 50% right about the weather.

(7) Thorn is an 8-year-old German Shepard. He was named Thorn, because he's a "thorn in my mother's side," according to Natalie.

(Photo By Natalie Demers/Used With Permission)

(8) Stinky Pete The Prospector (from "Toy Story") looks comfy.

(9) Penelope is adorbs.

(10) Silly Lily Whiskers is a goofball.

(11) Wheeler keeps on truckin'.

Do you think your pet's name is more clever than these cuties? Then, post your pet's picture and name in the comment section below or on Facebook.