The Harry Potter franchise is an absolute monster. Whether it's the books, the movies, the theme park or the themed restaurants, people love themselves some Potter. But how much do you REALLY know about Harry Potter? How many details do you really know about those books, movies, theme parks etc? If you consider yourself an expert, then perhaps a Harry Potter trivia night on Saturday, October 19th in Freeport is just for you.

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Wilbur's of Maine, known for their delicious, chocolatey treats, is hosting a Harry Potter challenge. Four rounds of brain-draining trivia, with prizes for the teams who score the highest. You can bring as many as four people to be in your "house", and every team member must be 18+. There's a per person charge to play and while Wilbur's doesn't state that you should dress up for this trivia night, it's October and it just makes sense, right?

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While you're geeking out in your mind, this Harry Potter trivia thing could be a familiar affair too. Wilbur's will have a KIDS Harry Potter trivia challenge earlier in the day for ages 7-17. The kids will be sorted into their own chocolate house and there will be a few surprises along their trivia journey.

Kids trivia challenge starts at 2pm and the adult trivia challenge starts at 7pm. More information can be found here.