As the cannabis industry continues to bloom in Maine, additional businesses that are tied to cannabis are likely to pop up as well. As with the craft beer industry, it's all about being memorable and standing out from your competition. Shared on Reddit by 420edc, say hello to the cannabis ambulance, something that most definitely stands out and is absolutely memorable.

Reddit via 420edc
Reddit via 420edc

What Does The Cannabis Ambulance Do?

It's a mobile certification vehicle that visits different cannabis dispensaries and caregivers and helps determine whether someone may be eligible for a medical marijuana treatment plan. It's operated by Medical Marijuana Practitioners of Maine and you'll see it pop up from time to time at some notable locations across the state. The photo above is from one of their bi-weekly visits to Farley's Cannabis Farm in Woolwich.

What About House Calls?

On their website, Medical Marijuana Practitioners of Maine do offer 'house calls' for those residents living in the Greater Portland area. There's a multi-step process to getting your medical marijuana card, which includes booking an initial appointment, meeting with a licensed clinician to discuss your ailments and then being approved. House calls are great for those who may be unable to travel for various reasons.

If I Dial 911, Will The Cannabis Ambulance Show Up?

Absolutely not. The cannabis ambulance won't show up if you dial 420 either. It's by appointment only or by visiting one of the designated dispensaries they'll be spending the day at. Medical Marijuana Practitioners of Maine have their upcoming events and visits listed on their website.

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