There are 20 chartered banks in Maine and you can find half of them within a half a mile stretch in one lucky bank town.



Where is this bank-apalooza? It's right on Route One in Falmouth - the center of town part. Let's run down all the banks you'll see in a half a mile. Driving south to north on Route One pass the Route 88 connector, here's what you'll find:

  1. People's United Bank
  2. T.D. Bank
  3. Gorham Savings Bank
  4. Bangor Savings Bank
  5. Bath Savings Institution
  6. Camden National Bank
  7. Chase (currently being built...but it still counts!)
  8. Bank of America
  9. Key Bank
  10. Norway Savings Bank

10 banks all within walking distance. Is there any other street in Maine with that many banks that close? I can't find any. Portland has 14 banks with 31 branches, but they are spread throughout the city.

Chase is the newest financial institution to move into town. They are building right next door to Bath Savings. Gotta say, living in Falmouth, nothing was more disappointing than seeing a bank being constructed. Secretely I was hoping for a some burger place.



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