Frank Zappa called them "Bigger than the Beatles." Kurt Cobain said their debut album was "one of his favorite albums of all time." And they're from New Hampshire.

So why have you never heard of them?

For many people, The Shaggs are quite frankly unlistenable. They seem to have no sense of timing in their music whatsoever. But some consider their music genius, and their album "Philosophy Of The World" an avant-garde masterpiece.

To me, the most interesting thing about The Shaggs is their New Hampshire roots.

According to Wikipedia, The Shaggs were an American all-female rock and outsider music band formed in Fremont, New Hampshire in 1968. The band was composed of sisters Dorothy "Dot" Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar), Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Helen Wiggin (drums) and, later, Rachel Wiggin (bass).

I had heard of them before, but was reminded of their story today when I saw them mentioned in an article on, declaring them the Best Band from New Hampshire.

For your listening pleasure, I present to you...The Shaggs

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