Rochester has seen an insane amount of acts of kindness

...Rochester would get a caught being good award every single day of the year.

Back in the 90s in various elementary schools in New England, school principals would give out "caught being good" awards, where the recipient would be praised either in the cafeteria at lunch or during morning announcements if a school staff member observed, well, did just that -- caught a student performing a good task. Needless to say if everyday life was like that, Rochester would get a caught being good award every single day of the year.

Over the last month or so, we've chronicled incredible things happening in Rochester like a random stranger buying groceries for a man whose credit card chip wouldn't work, random filled Christmas stockings being left around the city in order to honor a young girl's memory, and most recently a couple of weeks ago, a chain reaction in a Walmart checkout line that saw multiple people pay it forward for strangers.

Another act of kindness was seen at the Hannaford on North Main Street

Yesterday in the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... group on Facebook, a woman named Mindy Gibson posted a story she saw first-hand that happened at Hannaford that brought Rochester so much pride.

"The other day as I was going into the Main Street Hannaford, an older guy (older meaning older than me) was helping an elderly lady walk in, which appeared to be a task. He said, 'Let’s try to get you to a bench and out of the cold and then I’ll call AAA.' A young guy walked in just in time to hear him and said 'I’m a mechanic. Let me take a look at it and see if I can help'. There are some good people in Rochester."

In at true stroke of luck, in the comments section of Mindy's post, a woman named Kathy H. Sessler identified the "older guy" that was helping the elderly woman and planning on calling AAA.

"I thought this story sounded familiar… that ‘older’ man was my husband Rick!!"

Not only did other comments praise Rick Sessler, but also praised the Rochester community in general.

"There are good people everywhere." - Jeannette Turmelle Veno


"There are good people but you won’t see that on the news. Thank you for posting this! And thank you for the young man willing to help." - Donna Massucci


"There are a lot more good people in Rochester than bad. We're just quiet." - Anne Lemire Potvin


"There are some wonderful people in Rochester. Thank you for helping Mr Sessler and to the young man who offered his help. Thank you so much." - Joanna Brooks


"The Rochester community is amazing and so is the restaurant community in the city." - Cheryl Huckins


"I know the man personally...he said it was the right thing to do." - Terry Colby

Rochester may have some stigma about it, but in the last 2 months or so, Rochester has also been one of the most talked about cities when it comes to people doing amazing things. So keep being Rochester, Rochester. And keep inspiring not only the rest of Northern New England, but the rest of the world.

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