The Padres got Red Sox fans where it hurts on Sunday night at the series finale at Petco Park. Between innings, they started up a round of "Padres Karaoke". They encouraged everyone to sing along to the Fenway Park staple, "Sweet Caroline". The lyrics were up on the scoreboard and the Red Sox fans were feeling themselves. Just as the song was reaching its climactic chorus they abruptly switched it to the Rick Asley 80s classic, "Never Gonna Give You Up".


Nothing against Rick Astley, this is a great jam. However, you just don't cut off Red Sox Fans before the best part of Sweeet Caroline!!

Touche to the Padres for pulling off this hilarious stunt. We know you guys struggle to fill your stadium with fans so we will let you have this one ;) (oh no, she DI-INT!!)

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