The Onion is internationally known for poking fun at anything and everything it can. But here in Maine, we've somehow managed to skate on not being the subject of a lot of those jabs. As the saying goes, all good things come to an end and apparently decided that Maine, specifically the University of Maine, needed a little taste of The Onion treatment.

Twitter via Black Bear Nation
Twitter via Black Bear Nation

Posted on Tuesday afternoon, The Onion delivered the headline "College Freshman Annoyed About Having To Room With 47-year old Adjunct Professor". The farcical story goes on to detail how a freshman UMaine student is irritated that a non-tenure professor keeps ruining his friend time, asks for early quiet hours so he can grade papers and when the professor is short on cash, meal swipes from his roomie. It's a clever little paragraph but lacks anything Maine specific. At least, that's what we think.

We're also willing to admit that college was a few years ago for us, so perhaps adjunct professors are the new de facto RA's in dorms all over the campus of UMaine and we just don't know about it. Highly unlikely but here in Maine, you can't really rule anything out.

Still would have enjoyed reading the line, "and he keeps interrupting our beer pong games saying he used to make that shot with his eyes closed". Maybe next time.

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