One of the last remaining summer festivals that wasn't quite ready to cancel plans was Lisbon's annual Moxie Festival. But after another round of cancellations earlier in the week, including the Fryeburg Fair, the Moxie Festival organizers decided they could no longer hold out on delivering the unfortunate news.

Shared on Facebook by The Moxie Festival, organizers stated that while they had hoped to fulfill the mantra of Moxie soda and be "distinctly different" by holding the annual Moxie fest, the realities were they could not pull it off. Because of travel restrictions as well as physical distancing measures that would be extremely difficult to enforce, the festival will scrap their 2020 plans and begin working immediately on making the 2021 Moxie Festival the best one yet.

Many commenters on the Facebook post shared their disappointment in the news but also understood that it was expected. The Moxie Festival was created in 1982 to highlight Maine's very unique-tasting soda brand and bring fans of the beverage together. In more than four decades, the festival has transformed into an annual summer party that features fireworks, eating contests, car shows and a memorable parade.

The 2020 Moxie Festival was scheduled to take place from July 10th through July 12th.

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