If you have lived in Maine for more than a minute, you have probably come to realize there are certain towns that really stick out as being "college towns."

There is a good chance that the University of Maine in Orono is right at the top of your list.  Other towns that probably stick out include Waterville (Colby and Thomas) and Lewiston / Auburn (Bates and the CMCC).

Yes, those are definitely big Maine college towns.  They are far from being the most college town in the state, though.

According to a recent report put out by The Washington Post, the tiny town of Farmington, Maine is actually the most college (they say "collegiest") town in the state.

Why Farmington?

The newspaper's report, which lists the most college town in each state, is based primarily on the percentage of a town's population that is enrolled in the school (or schools).

With regard to Farmington, the report found that the enrollment in the University of Maine Farmington was equal to about 35% of the town's 7,500-ish people.

That puts Farmington, Maine at 53rd on the list.


The eastern Maine city of Bangor also made the list.  It came in at 161 on the list.  Sure, the city has Husson University (and several satellite locations of colleges), but it also has a much larger, nonstudent, population.

Colby College (Google Maps)
Colby College (Google Maps)

Elsewhere In New England

The most college town in New Hampshire is Plymouth, the home of Plymouth State University. Plymouth came in 36th on the list. While several other NH towns made the list, we were kind of surprised that Durham was not on the list.

In Vermont, Middlebury came in 13th place.  The enrollment at Middlebury College is equal to over half of the town's population!

In Massachusetts, the most college town, according to the report, is North Adams, home to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Felipe Gregate / Unsplash
Felipe Gregate / Unsplash

You can see the entire list HERE.

What do you think?  Do you agree with the selections for Maine?  New Hampshire?  Vermont?  What about Massachusetts?  Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app.

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