Okay, maybe it's just me, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Granted it probably started before the pandemic, but I feel that is when we really started to notice that certain items were going out of stock.

In 2020, it was toilet paper, heck it was so bad that I remember giving away toilet paper on air as part of a contest. Last year, I had a hard time finding sriracha because there was a shortage.

Now, it is hard for some people to even pick up medications because there is a shortage. Adderall is one medication that is very hard to refill currently.

However, I never thought it would come down to this.

It seems like no matter what store that I go to that sells groceries, in my surrounding area, I cannot find tots.

Yes, tots, like tater tots. Heck, bags of frozen french fries are even flying off the shelves. Maybe it's not great that I like to eat like a 5-year-old and mainly want chicken fingers and tots or fries, seems like I will need to actually start putting more veggies on my plate, or go to restaurants and shove food in my pockets like Napoleon Dynamite.

But, even talking about more veggies, it has been hard to find regular cauliflower at times even.

I mean I get it, I feel that no matter what there is always going to be a shortage of something, but am I the only one struggling to find frozen tater tots and fries?

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