No, there wasn't really a contest for bad parking in the Old Port this weekend. But IF there had been, then whomever drives this beast of an automobile would have walked away with that 1st place ribbon and the disdain of all the onlookers in Portland on Saturday.

Shared on Twitter by NewsProJoe, someone visiting Portland's Old Port from Massachusetts decided they would invent a new way to park along Dana Street near Amigo's this past Saturday.

If you're trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they were the first person to park on that side of Dana Street on Saturday (unlikely). Or maybe they took a look across the street at how people were parking near Elevation Burger and thought, "I should park that same exact way!". MAYBE. Either way, this person took up three spots on a busy summer day in the heart of the Old Port and people were none too happy.

The non-contest is over. Park properly moving forward. Thank you for your consideration.

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