Tell me if I am wrong, but man does Maine and New Hampshire love everything about pumpkins! Well, let's just throw in there all of New England really. This weekend was the annual Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta, and it brought in people from here to far away to enjoy. My roommate is from Damariscotta, and every year she and her family go. I have been living with her for about 2 years, and she begged me last year to go. So, this year, I had to see it for myself. And, I just have to say, I was impressed!

The entire town is taken over by pumpkins, and events with pumpkins. We went of Saturday, my BF and his son. I do suggest going earlier if you go next year, cause traffic was 'cray cray'. We left after 2pm to head home, and route 1 was backed up for at least 6-7 miles. When we arrived downtown, we were absolutely amazed by the artistry with the gigantic pumpkins. I could not stop taking pictures of all this pumpkins outside the small businesses all downtown. And, after you see the photos of the pumpkins, you will want to go next year for sure!

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